What if everyone started their day thinking about doing something positive for the world?

To think about why we exist and how
we can make the world a more loving place

What if that person was you?

And your neighbor.   And your boss.
And your co-worker.   And the whole world!

Exciting the people of the world to goodness!

Whenever darkness throws its shadow, we must respond with the tremendous light that come from deeds of kindness that express our shared humanity. When we care for others—and do it again the next day—we become a formidable force of goodness setting in motion a worldwide shift towards the good and positive.


Though we may be of many colors, beliefs and speak many languages, the goodness of humanity still lives. If hate can leap across continents—so can love and defeat it! If darkness can spread through words and ideas—so can light and outshine it!

Program launch coming soon.

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